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WOW - Bumpety-Bump Bernie


Friction-powered tractor & trailer set

 Come for a bumpy ride on the farm with Bumpety-Bump Bernie from WOW Toys.

 Push Bernie the tractor along to see him bump up and down as he goes whilst his chimney also bobs. Bernie also comes with a magnetic detachable trailer which holds the two fences and one animal, either the pig or sheep with the other sitting nicely on the back. A removable farmer figure completes this farmyard set.

 Bumpety-Bump Bernie is a 7 piece set including 1 motorised tractor, 1 detachable trailer, 2 fences, 1 figure, 1 sheep and 1 pig.

 Suitable for children aged 18 months – 5 years. No batteries required.


  • Friction-powered tractor with realistic engine sound
  • Bumping motion & bobbing chimney
  • Detachable trailer with magnetic hook
  • Removable fencing


  • Tractor named Bernie
  • Detachable trailer with magnetic hook
  • Farmer figure called Jethro
  • Sheep figure called Shona
  • Pig figure called Patch
  • 2 removable fences
  • 7 piece set

 Age:                 1½ - 5

Dims:               320x185x125


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