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WOW - Harvey Harvester


Friction-powered combine with automatic baler

 It’s harvest time in the WOW fields and Harvey Harvester is out bright and early to harvest the crops.

 Place the hay bales in Harvey’s roof, push him along and watch as they come out the back. Harvey also has a rotating, rattling thresher with grain inside and a swivelling grain arm to recreate the feel of the annual harvest. A cute field mouse and a removable, friendly farmer figure complete this farmyard set.

 Harvey Harvester is a 5 piece set including 1 motorised harvester, 1 figure and 3 hay bales.

 Suitable for children aged 18 months – 5 years. No batteries required.


  • Friction-powered combine with realistic engine sound
  • Feed ‘n’ drop automatic baler
  • Rotating thresher with rattling grain
  • Swivel out grain arm


  • Combine called Harvey
  • Farmer figure called Phil
  • 3 removable bales
  • 5 piece set

Age:                 1½ - 5

Dims:               350x247x175

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